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How to keep women health – food therapy

The nourishment effect of food on the body is fully recognized. And for women’s beauty and anti-aging,healthy diet is also a good way. Let’s take a look at women’s healthy diets and healthy eating recipes for women. Let us get enough nutrition while enjoying the food. Then improve our body condition.

  1. Brown sugar ginger tea.

Brown sugar ginger tea is warm, it can relieve dysmenorrhea after drinking it during menstruation. Brown sugar water not only increases energy but also activates blood and accelerates blood circulation, while warming the body, it can also make menstruation smooth and relieve dysmenorrhea. If the state is not very good, usually drink it, symptoms can be effectively improved. Red dates contain rich nutrients such as protein, fat, sugar, organic acids, vitamins A and C. It can help women greatly reduce the risk of having uterine fibroids and ovarian cancer.

  1. Carrot

According to relevant data, women who eat 5 carrots a week on average have a 50% lower risk of developing uterine cancer than ordinary women. Carrots have good anti-cancer effects and can effectively resist the growth of cancer cells, therefore, women who like to eat carrots must insist on eating!

  1. High calcium food

According to …

Female care

Little common tips of women’s health care

The body is the capital of the revolution. Only having a healthy body can bring happiness and healthy life to your family! Women are naturally weak, you need to know more about these maintenance tips. Women’s health needs to start from the usual! I have compiled some tips on women’s health and hope to help you take better care of yourself!

  • Women’s health, four taboos

  1. Eat when you are hungry

Many people do not eat breakfast or do not eat on time, the reason is not hungry. Physiology tells us, the food is completely emptied after 4 to 5 hours in the stomach. When you feel hungry, the gastric juice has begun to “digest” the gastric mucus. And gastric mucus is an essential substance for women’s health and healthcare.

  1. Drink when you are thirsty.

Usually do not drink water, drink water when you are thirsty, this is the habit of many people. In fact, the role of water in human metabolism is more important than food. When you feel thirsty, this indicates that the body is already short of water to a certain extent. Clinically found, people who drink less often, their chances of suffering from constipation and stones are …

Female care

Female beauty health knowledge

1,Reasons for women’s aging:

One lack of gas, two cold air, three kidneys deficit.

Conditioning: Three pieces of ginger, one cup of honey water, three red dates, two bottles of yogurt for two days in the morning, eat duck blood usually.

Special reminder: Can not eat kelp, seafood, bananas, tomatoes during the period.

Comb head (Bai points), after bathing, blow the belly button (Dantian) with a hair dryer, low blood sugar blowing waist, menstruation not blowing the back of the head, every night to soak hot feet, knocking Zu Sanli point every day.

2, woman menstrual taboo

Strenuous exercise and heavy physical labor.

Bulimia for cold food.

Eat too salty.

Activating blood and stasis drugs.


Swimming and bathing.

Beaten the back.

I rushed to pull my teeth.

lost control.

Sex life.

3, angry damage to women

1 skin: When angry, it will stimulate hair follicles, causing inflammation around the hair follicles and appearing spots.

2 uterus, breast: the breast and uterus will damage for women angry.

3 thyroid: angry often can make thyroid dysfunction.

4 Brain: A large amount of blood is flowing into the brain. At this time, the blood contains the most toxins and accelerates the …

Female blood

The easiest way for women to supplement their blood is to soak their feet!

First, why can you supplement your blood by soaking your feet at night?

Blood deficiency, blood stasis → cold hands and feet, dull tongue, spots on the face, tight heart, dullness, breathlessness, soaking feet at night—-red flowers in hot water (sweet, warm, liver And the heart is surrounded divide blood, moving blood, mixing blood, and adjusting blood, blood transfer), blood circulation; clearing the kidney, liver, spleen three yin.

Second, the trick of soaking the feet

Spring soaking feet, open the body yang air;

Soak your feet in the summer, get rid of wet and remove heat;

Autumn soaking feet, clearing the intestines and lungs;

Soaking feet in winter, warm the pubic region

Third, the foot bath material

Putting salt in the water → constipation → can also eliminate fatigue and help sleep.

Put vinegar in the water → foot odor → remove foot odor, prevent athlete’s foot, promote blood circulation, remove rheumatism.

Put ginger, dried tangerine peel, mint in the water → spleen and stomach deficiency → warm spleen and stomach, phlegm and dampness.

Putting pepper in the water → deodorizing and dampness, benefiting the water and helping the yang air.

In the water, white sputum, …

Female care

What are the benefits of astaxanthin for women’s beauty and health?

Astaxanthin – maintains ovarian vitality and ensures youthful vitality

We all know that the amount of estrogen secretion is an important factor in whether women can maintain youth and whether the body can guarantee health. But few people realize that estrogen is actually a strong antioxidant in itself. We say that many diseases in the human body are caused by long-term erosion of oxygen free radicals. This explains why women are lower in the prevalence of many diseases than men. Postmenopausal women are more likely than women with adequate estrogen secretion. The rate is high.

The ovary is the main body of female estrogen secretion. The degradation of ovarian function will inevitably lead to the reduction of estrogen. The decrease of estrogen means the reduction of free radical oxygen scavengers secreted by women. In this case, oxygen free radicals Accelerated oxidative damage to the ovaries. This has entered a cycle of vicious circle, the ovarian function is degraded and the estrogen is reduced. The reduction of estrogen accelerates the intensity of the oxygen free radical attack of female body organs including the ovary, the body function accelerates the degradation, and the estrogen secretion is more less. Therefore, after the …