Is pee healthy in the night

When you drink too much water or wine before going to bed at night, or if you  drink too much water, you will easily pee when you sleep. Although this is normal, when you sleep, you want to wake up, more or less will affect the quality of sleep.

There are also many people in life who are puzzled. Is it peeing health at night or is it not urinating? No more doubts, this article tells you the answer!

Under normal circumstances, even if you don’t drink too much water before going to bed, it is normal to have one or two peeing occasionally during sleep at night. The number of peeing in the middle-aged and elderly people is generally higher than that of young people. Because they are older, the filtration function of urine will also decrease, so they often get up and pee in the evening. But this is a bit of a pain for them. It was originally a light sleep, often getting up, and the quality of sleep would not be very good.

In fact, people who do not pee at night can not only guarantee a good sleep but also mean that his kidney’s metabolic …

Female care

Female beauty, starting from health

1 What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that causes all women to smell. The diseased cells are mostly from the mammary epithelial tissue. Although the number of breast cancer cases that we are exposed to in our lives is mostly female, this does not mean that men are safe. Usually, we can find 1 man per 100 patients.

Compared with important organs such as the heart and liver, the lack of the breast seems to have little effect on the normal operation of life. In general, the effects of breast cancer in situ do not reach a fatal level. If cancer cells spread or migrate, they may have more serious consequences. However, with the deepening of screening and diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, the death rate of the disease is gradually decreasing.

2 causes of breast cancer in women

  • Genetic causes

In general, if a woman’s mother has breast cancer, the woman’s incidence will be greater than that of the average person, and the onset time may be earlier than that of the second generation. If a woman’s close relatives have breast cancer, it has a similar effect, but it is smaller than the former. …