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How to choose a hair removal device

1.design portability

Like a hair dryer, if you keep holding a heavy instrument and take off the hairs of your limbs, it is estimated to be cumbersome. Therefore, the design of many hair removal instruments is more user-friendly. Generally, the portable model is very mini, or the landline model, only need to pick up the instrument with the lamp head.

The streamlined design is also OK, although not very mini, the use of these parts under the armpits will not hinder the feet. The more tired is the gun, the limbs are very cool, but it is easy to get stuck in the ribs under the armpit, the button design is generally not easy.

2.Applicable parts

At present, the main hair removal instruments are applied to the limbs, underarms, bikinis, and faces. Some of them also have more care lamps, which are suitable for different parts and more precise.

Don’t worry about this, but it is best to ask the customer service lady to confirm before buying.

3.lighting life

The mainstream hair removal instruments have a life expectancy of almost 25w-50w. Usually, 10w times of hair removal instrument is enough for you to take off for a lifetime, and 25w-30w, …

Female care

Menstruation is a “barometer” for women’s health!

As the saying goes, there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women. As a woman, you have to pay attention to gynecological health expertise.

Because humans often do not die from the disease itself, but mostly die from ignorance. Although this sounds a bit heavy, the truth is profound.

You may not know that a woman will undergo many subtle changes from pregnancy to childbirth. For example, artificial termination of pregnancy will make the inner wall of the ovary thinner, endocrine levels drop, and damage to the uterus and body.

In medicine, there is research data to prove that every time an artificial abortion is performed, the egg quality will decrease by 6%, and the ovarian function will decline for 10 years. If repeated abortions occur, the multiple blows suffered by the body functions will gradually make each The full function of the aspects will also make you suffer from various gynecological diseases, and it will not be cured for a long time.

Menstruation is a “barometer” for women’s health. Dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, early or postmenstrual period, excessive or too little menstrual flow, excessive menstrual blood clots, menstrual blood color, etc., behind these problems, may be a precursor …