Female blood

The easiest way for women to supplement their blood is to soak their feet!

First, why can you supplement your blood by soaking your feet at night?

Blood deficiency, blood stasis → cold hands and feet, dull tongue, spots on the face, tight heart, dullness, breathlessness, soaking feet at night—-red flowers in hot water (sweet, warm, liver And the heart is surrounded divide blood, moving blood, mixing blood, and adjusting blood, blood transfer), blood circulation; clearing the kidney, liver, spleen three yin.

Second, the trick of soaking the feet

Spring soaking feet, open the body yang air;

Soak your feet in the summer, get rid of wet and remove heat;

Autumn soaking feet, clearing the intestines and lungs;

Soaking feet in winter, warm the pubic region

Third, the foot bath material

Putting salt in the water → constipation → can also eliminate fatigue and help sleep.

Put vinegar in the water → foot odor → remove foot odor, prevent athlete’s foot, promote blood circulation, remove rheumatism.

Put ginger, dried tangerine peel, mint in the water → spleen and stomach deficiency → warm spleen and stomach, phlegm and dampness.

Putting pepper in the water → deodorizing and dampness, benefiting the water and helping the yang air.

In the water, white sputum, …