How to prevent and self-test breast diseases

For female friends, the breast is a very important organ, it is a place to feed new life, and it is also a symbol of beauty. More and more people are plagued by breast diseases. Some stars such as Audrey Hepburn have died of breast cancer, so it is necessary to be vigilant!

What is called breast disease?

Breast disease is a common and frequent disease, which is the main cause of harm to women’ physical and mental health. It mainly includes five categories: mastitis, breast hyperplasia, breast fibroma, breast cyst, and breast cancer. The pathogenic factors are more complicated, such as If the treatment is not timely or the treatment is improper, it may lead to changes in the condition, which may endanger life!

This is not an alarmist! According to the People’s Daily’s statistics on the five cancers with the highest incidence of new cancers in 2018, the proportion of breast cancer has reached 11.6%, second only to lung cancer!

According to statistics, the incidence of breast cancer in China is younger than in Europe and the United States, and the high incidence is between 45-50 years old. Not only that, breast cancer is gradually becoming younger, and …


Is pee healthy in the night

When you drink too much water or wine before going to bed at night, or if you  drink too much water, you will easily pee when you sleep. Although this is normal, when you sleep, you want to wake up, more or less will affect the quality of sleep.

There are also many people in life who are puzzled. Is it peeing health at night or is it not urinating? No more doubts, this article tells you the answer!

Under normal circumstances, even if you don’t drink too much water before going to bed, it is normal to have one or two peeing occasionally during sleep at night. The number of peeing in the middle-aged and elderly people is generally higher than that of young people. Because they are older, the filtration function of urine will also decrease, so they often get up and pee in the evening. But this is a bit of a pain for them. It was originally a light sleep, often getting up, and the quality of sleep would not be very good.

In fact, people who do not pee at night can not only guarantee a good sleep but also mean that his kidney’s metabolic …