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Female beauty health knowledge

1,Reasons for women’s aging:

One lack of gas, two cold air, three kidneys deficit.

Conditioning: Three pieces of ginger, one cup of honey water, three red dates, two bottles of yogurt for two days in the morning, eat duck blood usually.

Special reminder: Can not eat kelp, seafood, bananas, tomatoes during the period.

Comb head (Bai points), after bathing, blow the belly button (Dantian) with a hair dryer, low blood sugar blowing waist, menstruation not blowing the back of the head, every night to soak hot feet, knocking Zu Sanli point every day.

2, woman menstrual taboo

Strenuous exercise and heavy physical labor.

Bulimia for cold food.

Eat too salty.

Activating blood and stasis drugs.


Swimming and bathing.

Beaten the back.

I rushed to pull my teeth.

lost control.

Sex life.

3, angry damage to women

1 skin: When angry, it will stimulate hair follicles, causing inflammation around the hair follicles and appearing spots.

2 uterus, breast: the breast and uterus will damage for women angry.

3 thyroid: angry often can make thyroid dysfunction.

4 Brain: A large amount of blood is flowing into the brain. At this time, the blood contains the most toxins and accelerates the aging of the brain.

5 Lungs: When women are emotionally impulsive, they have shortness of breath and even excessive ventilation, which is harmful to lung health.

4, women eat more and more young

1 fresh cheese – to save memory;

2 tuna – PK fat;

3 honey – purify the blood;

4 oranges – enhance immunity;

5 green cauliflower – young heart;

6 eggs – care for the breasts;

7 oatmeal – lower cholesterol;

8 peanut butter – forever youthful;

9 coffee – food aphrodisia;

10 chocolate – out of the mood low.

5, Women’s anemia to eat what is the fastest blood

1, black beans: want better blood, may wish to cook black-bone chicken with black beans.

2, carrot: contains a lot of vitamin B, c, with blood. 3, gluten: contains a lot of iron.

3, Flammulina: rich in iron, vitamin A, b1, c, protein and so on.

4, longan meat: rich in iron, also contains vitamins a, b and glucose, sucrose and so on.

5, dried radish: high iron content.

6, [natural skin care essence: plum nutlet and peach kernel]

For women, the nuts are like the essence of skin care products. They can be used to make powder, add some honey or egg for whiting face to make a mask to apply to the face, which can moisturize and whiten the skin. In addition, they also have their own special effects, peach kernel can acne marks, plum nutlet has a blemish effect! In addition to beauty, eating peach kernel plum nutlet can also treat constipation, cough and gynecological diseases, can be said to be women’s best food .

7, [women eat spicy, drink ice drinks for a long time, easy to suffer from gynecological tumors]

When eating spicy, it is more harmful to irrigate the water. Under the ice, the blood will immediately accumulate in the intestines and pelvis. It is easy to cause dysmenorrhea and menstrual disorders. The uterus will shrink and harden, and it will easily form adenomyosis. Gynecological tumors greatly increase the chance of infertility. The important thing is that the infertility caused by pelvic congestion, B-ultrasound, gynecological examination, etc. can not be found, men please turn to the information to your love!

8, [let her away from breast hyperplasia]

1, marriage and breastfeeding in time.

2, husband and wife sex life well and have a regular life.

3, the mood is comfortable (emotional instability will inhibit ovulation, estrogen increased).

4,Avoid using estrogen-containing creams and drugs.

5, actively prevent and cure menstrual disorders, annexitis and other gynecological diseases.

6,Perform a breast B-ultrasound examination every six months or one year.

9, [4 big health and blood supplement recipes say goodbye to dysmenorrhea]

1, Xuanhu motherwort boiled eggs: with pass, analgesic, blood, pleasant color, moisturizing beauty effect;

2, Wudou egg wine soup: has the function of adjusting the middle, lowering the air and relieving pain

3, Jiangai yiren porridge: with warming, phlegm, cold and dehumidification and emollient effect;

4, ginger jujube brown sugar water has the effect of warming and dispelling cold

Women’s Beauty Health and Wellness Hall

In the Taoist’s highest health regimen, the practice is the warmth of Dantian’s warmth. Through the warmth of the abdomen Dantian’s warm air, the yuan’s temperature is fine, and the body’s essence is full of vitality.

The woman belong to yin, often keeps the abdomen warm as a “small stove”, the abdominal cavity is filled with blood and blood to face like a peach, and the body is sexy like spring.

Gong Han is the “number one killer” that causes women’s body aging, “cold blood coagulation”, cold loss of yang, forming qi and blood deficiency, blood stasis. Many women are “ice beauty”, cold hands and feet, stomach cold and uterus cold, sexual and emotional are cold, and many are hot upper cold under , touching their abdomen temperature is low.

Every time the abdominal temperature is lowered by one degree, the metabolism will be reduced by 12%, the blood circulation will be poor, the impurity pollution in the blood will increase, the immunity will be reduced by 30%, and the chance of fibroids and infertility will be increased once more, which will directly accelerate the body aging rate. What kind of damage will the cold bring?

Stomach cold:

Women rely on blood to raise blood, which is responsible for “digestion” through the spleen and stomach, and transforms the food they eat. In fact, the two aspects of “elimination” and “chemicalization” are completely different. “Cancel” is like ice cubes dissolved into water, and food is ground into a milky shape through the stomach; “chemicalization” is the conversion of milky food into nutrient blood. The process is like water heating into gas, the whole “chemical” is carried out in the small intestine, and can be completed by digestive enzymes, while the digestive enzyme is very sensitive to temperature, the temperature of the stomach cold and abdominal cavity is low, the enzyme does not work, and the food has no enzyme high efficiency. The role of the small intestine can not be converted, which is why many people often take enzymes to complain that the effect is not good, eat more can not make up for the reasons. There is no temperature at the abdomen, the ability of the small intestine to transform is low, food can not be converted into blood and nourish the viscera, energy accumulation forms a toxin in the body, and natural “yellow face”, dark circles, pigmentation, obesity and other problems appear. Woman, you eat the most expensive tonic is not as effective as a single abdominal insulation.

Uterus cold:

“10 women have nine person with colds uterus”, women with gynecological diseases or uterine ovarian cysts, dysmenorrhea, usually lower temperature in the lower abdomen (body temperature is around 35 degrees), known as uterus cold in Chinese medicine.

There are many important meridians in the abdomen, such as the spleen and stomach, and the liver and kidney. The three veins of Ren Chong are in the abdominal cavity. The blood in the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity accounts for about 70% of the human blood flow, and the elasticity is small. Slow, women are yin plus low abdominal temperature, abdominal meridians and blood stasis, blood flow rate will be slower, toxin cleaning speed naturally slows, toxin deposition becomes the biggest damage to women’s body! The uterus was originally a place where the magnificent palace was born, and long-term toxins could not be metabolized. It was like a pile of rubbish and ridiculous wild land. It was not only difficult to get pregnant, even if the child born after pregnancy was very susceptible to illness. In addition, the rectum and colon are also in the pelvic cavity, and the blood is stagnated, which will form intractable constipation. Women, learning to keep warm in the abdomen, is simpler and more straightforward than any expensive anti-aging therapy.

Therefore, for a woman, the maintenance topic of a lifetime is how to heat the abdomen, how to raise the abdomen “hot”!

Summarize the four major abdominal insulation magic weapons, these insulation magic weapons have made many women’s body benefit from fundamental conditioning, and share it with female friends:

First, ginger black sugar water

“Eating ginger in morning as eating ginseng”, use ginger brown sugar water to warm the body in the morning, and raise the kidney and yang to warm the spleen and stomach, which is conducive to the small intestine “solution” to the breakfast food, to meet the body’s nutrient energy.

Second, fumigation

Traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion therapy is physics. Its mechanism promotes vasodilator fluid and lymphatic circulation therapy by stimulating local or whole body skin by warming. It is a physics that promotes vasodilator fluid and lymphatic circulation therapy by warming local or whole body skin. It is physics, which promotes vasodilation and lymphatic detoxification by warming local or whole body skin. After heating, the pelvic endotoxin is most easily discharged.

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