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How to keep women health – food therapy

The nourishment effect of food on the body is fully recognized. And for women’s beauty and anti-aging,healthy diet is also a good way. Let’s take a look at women’s healthy diets and healthy eating recipes for women. Let us get enough nutrition while enjoying the food. Then improve our body condition.

  1. Brown sugar ginger tea.

Brown sugar ginger tea is warm, it can relieve dysmenorrhea after drinking it during menstruation. Brown sugar water not only increases energy but also activates blood and accelerates blood circulation, while warming the body, it can also make menstruation smooth and relieve dysmenorrhea. If the state is not very good, usually drink it, symptoms can be effectively improved. Red dates contain rich nutrients such as protein, fat, sugar, organic acids, vitamins A and C. It can help women greatly reduce the risk of having uterine fibroids and ovarian cancer.

  1. Carrot

According to relevant data, women who eat 5 carrots a week on average have a 50% lower risk of developing uterine cancer than ordinary women. Carrots have good anti-cancer effects and can effectively resist the growth of cancer cells, therefore, women who like to eat carrots must insist on eating!

  1. High calcium food

According to relevant research, daily intake of high-calcium food can reduce the incidence of uterine ovarian cancer. According to the data, people who take high-calcium foods a day have a 46% lower incidence of ovarian cancer than those who are under-calculated. So take precautions and eat more high-calcium foods in your daily life.

  1. Wild dandelion tea

Dandelion is a natural anti-inflammatory tea, but also detoxification. A cup of dandelion tea every day is good for the body. Dandelion can also alleviate repeated episodes of gynecological inflammation, It gives you a health and good body. In general, women are more susceptible to bacterial inflammation when their immunity is low. If you drink more dandelion root tea, you can enhance your body’s resistance and eliminate inflammation in the human body. It has a great effect on female gynecological inflammation.

  1. Folic acid food

Women who often eat foods rich in folic acid, this can reduce the incidence of uterine ovarian cancer in women. Swiss researchers have found that women who eat folic acid-rich foods are 74% less likely to develop uterine cancer than women who rarely eat folic acid. As for folic acid, it is a water-soluble vitamin b, rich in green vegetables, citrus fruits, and whole grains.


  1. Honey

Honey is not only a good product for detoxification but also prevents the adhesion of bacteria to tissues, inhibition of adhesion also prevents bacteria from forming biofilms against antibiotics. So if you want to have no inflammation and odor in the private parts, girls may wish to drink some honey water every day, the effect is wonderful! Gynecological diseases are also a big problem. Although some of them are not immediately fatal, they are often difficult to cure quickly. The Chinese pay attention to the drug’s three-point poison. So, is it better to prevent or treat some diseases through diet? Then try the above food.

Women should pay attention to these things when they are healthy:

  1. Healthcare first

To raise your heart is to be broad-minded, to be peaceful, think open, let go, and always maintain a calm mood. Don’t care about people and things, think about others. Suffering sadness, anger hurt the liver, sadness hurt the spleen, sadness hurt the lungs, panic hurt kidney, to maintain normal seven emotions. You should be calm and natural, and you can’t think of it. Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, don’t overdo to chase it, and be content with those who are always happy.

Of course, this is not telling you that you don’t need to pursue a goal. If you work hard, you can do it. To win without pride lose with grace. For example, you always want to live better than others. If you are too bad, you can’t go to death. There are capable people behind the able people, the pursuit is too high, and they can’t reach it. Raise your heart and use your brain. Nourishment does not mean anything and does not want to something, if you don’t have a brain, you should be demented. You must continue to learn and accept new things. Of course, using the brain too much is not a healthy method.

  1. Healthcare

What is an important word for caring body is active? The verb can be understood as labor and sports, any labor and exercise, as long as it is not excessive, it is good for your health. This requires people to be diligent, not lazy, the movement promotes the circulation of blood and blood, and the laziness leads to the slow circulation of blood. Physical exercise is an exercise, and labor is also an exercise. But exercise can’t be too strong. If you are too strong, you will become overworked. Of course, excessive physical exercise can be harmful to the body. The constant activity of the human body ensures that the running of blood and blood flow smoothly, and then you will be a healthy body.

  1. raising spleen and stomach and kidney

The kidney is the birth of the heart, the spleen and stomach is the source of the day after tomorrow. The essence of the kidney is the essence of human life, the kidney is declining and the body is going to age. Spleen and stomach transport is the source of life needs, therefore, you should pay attention to the maintenance of the spleen and stomach and kidney.

  1. Health care should maintain the health of the body

The human body is like a machine, and it needs constant maintenance and maintenance, and it needs to prevent diseases and treat diseases. First, prevention is the main priority. Once you have a disease, you must pay close attention to treatment. Only when the disease is removed can you ensure your health.

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