How to prevent and self-test breast diseases

For female friends, the breast is a very important organ, it is a place to feed new life, and it is also a symbol of beauty. More and more people are plagued by breast diseases. Some stars such as Audrey Hepburn have died of breast cancer, so it is necessary to be vigilant!

What is called breast disease?

Breast disease is a common and frequent disease, which is the main cause of harm to women’ physical and mental health. It mainly includes five categories: mastitis, breast hyperplasia, breast fibroma, breast cyst, and breast cancer. The pathogenic factors are more complicated, such as If the treatment is not timely or the treatment is improper, it may lead to changes in the condition, which may endanger life!

This is not an alarmist! According to the People’s Daily’s statistics on the five cancers with the highest incidence of new cancers in 2018, the proportion of breast cancer has reached 11.6%, second only to lung cancer!

According to statistics, the incidence of breast cancer in China is younger than in Europe and the United States, and the high incidence is between 45-50 years old. Not only that, breast cancer is gradually becoming younger, and breast cancer patients in their 20s are not uncommon.

There are many reasons for breast cancer, including genetic and environmental factors.

The proportion of heredity is small, accounting for only 4%-10% of the total number of diseases. However, if the body carries certain genes that induce breast cancer, it may increase the risk of disease.

According to scientific research, later births and earlier menstrual cramps increase the risk of breast cancer.

Frequent use of emergency contraceptives before the age of 25 will also increase the prevalence of breast cancer.

In addition, radiotherapy, high fat intake, and rejection of breastfeeding will increase the probability.

In addition to the living environment and genetic factors leading to the development of breast disease, some misconceptions, and cognitive misunderstandings are also necessary for the formation of certain breast diseases.

It is precise because of these misunderstandings that many people are farther away from the normal treatment “orbit”.

Common misunderstandings of breast disease:

Myth 1: Breast hyperplasia is likely to develop into breast cancer

After encountering many patients in the face consultation to detect breast hyperplasia, they are very afraid of developing breast cancer.

In fact, breast hyperplasia is a very normal phenomenon, the glandular tissue of the breast will grow under the action of estrogen in the body, so it is a stage that must be experienced in the development of the human body. Only a small percentage of breast hyperplasia develops into breast cancer.

Myth 2: Breast pain during menstruation is caused by breast hyperplasia

In fact, there is a special term for this symptom in medicine, called breast pain.

Breast pain is not a very serious condition, and many people will find this symptom improved after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Pregnancy and breastfeeding have a protective effect on the breast, and it does have some relief from breast pain.

If breast pain is very obvious before menstruation, avoid drinking caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, green tea, etc., because caffeine promotes congestion and edema of breast tissue, further aggravating swelling and pain.

Therefore, the problem of hyperplasia of the breast itself is not serious, and it is not necessary to treat it as a serious illness.

How to prevent and self-test breast diseases?

Young friends can choose to self-test their breasts about three days after the end of each month.

You can straighten your fingers in the mirror while taking a bath, and touch your breasts from the periphery to the middle with your fingertips to feel a lump. In addition, a touch self-test is also required under the armpit.

Then observe the appearance of the breast: whether the sides are symmetrical, whether there is a depression, whether the color is normal, whether there is water, whether it is an indicator of breast health.

Female friends who have been menopausal older can be fixed for one day each month for regular self-tests.

However, it is not a failure to self-test, and the self-inspection is still not a substitute for a specialist medical examination. It should also be regularly checked at the hospital. Even though the methods and techniques for breast cancer treatment are constantly improving, many people have to remove the diseased breasts because they have not been detected early.

Therefore, every woman should pay attention to her breast health. “Early screening and early treatment” is the secret to maintaining breast health.

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