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The easiest way for women to supplement their blood is to soak their feet!

First, why can you supplement your blood by soaking your feet at night?

Blood deficiency, blood stasis → cold hands and feet, dull tongue, spots on the face, tight heart, dullness, breathlessness, soaking feet at night—-red flowers in hot water (sweet, warm, liver And the heart is surrounded divide blood, moving blood, mixing blood, and adjusting blood, blood transfer), blood circulation; clearing the kidney, liver, spleen three yin.

Second, the trick of soaking the feet

Spring soaking feet, open the body yang air;

Soak your feet in the summer, get rid of wet and remove heat;

Autumn soaking feet, clearing the intestines and lungs;

Soaking feet in winter, warm the pubic region

Third, the foot bath material

Putting salt in the water → constipation → can also eliminate fatigue and help sleep.

Put vinegar in the water → foot odor → remove foot odor, prevent athlete’s foot, promote blood circulation, remove rheumatism.

Put ginger, dried tangerine peel, mint in the water → spleen and stomach deficiency → warm spleen and stomach, phlegm and dampness.

Putting pepper in the water → deodorizing and dampness, benefiting the water and helping the yang air.

In the water, white sputum, motherwort, angelica → dysmenorrhea → dysmenorrhea is generally caused by body cold or qi stagnation and blood stasis, white phlegm removing yin air, abdominal pain, fluent blood, motherwort to sputum new, promoting blood circulation; Angelica promote blood circulation, regulating menstruation and pain relief It can also make the skin white and rosy, and improve the problem of cold hands and feet.

Put dry ginger in the water – rheumatism and bone pain, fear of cold and cold – dry ginger warm in the cold, return to the Yang Tongmai.

10 grams of Astragalus membranaceus in water, 10 grams of sclerotium, 10 grams of glutinous grass, 6 grams of pepper, diabetes (caused by yin deficiency), peppers and phlegm; jaundice qi and solid table; sclerotium can help drugs penetrate deep into the skin The body, exerts its power. This article comes from Women’s Beauty Health and Wellness Hall

Fourth, soaking feet should avoid:

One bogey :just eat or after an empty stomach, should be half an hour after a meal.

Second, the water temperature is too high, should be 40-50 degrees.

Three bogey :time is too long. Should be about 20 minutes, sweating slightly.

Four bogey :made a self-assertion and placed Chinese medicine indiscriminately.

Women’s various small problems, TCM health care, at a glance!

1, the symptoms around the eyes

Eyelid edema – reduced function of the internal organs (kidney, gastrointestinal, heart) resulting in hoarding of water in the body

Dark circles – when the blood contains too much old waste, it will make the eyes become dull (kidney)

Wrinkles under the eyes – one of the aging phenomena

Eyelid depression – excessive consumption of body energy

White eyelids – symptoms of anemia

Yellow and white acne on the eyelids – too high cholesterol

2, the problem of the eye itself

Eye whitening yellow – warning of liver and gallbladder problems ( icterus)

Eye white bloodshot – excessive liver tension, resulting in enlarged blood vessels

Eye needle – warning of immune decline

3, eye function barriers

Eyes can’t be completely closed during sleep – poor stomach causes muscle loss

Eyes are prone to fatigue – liver function is low

4, the secretions of the eyes

“eyes” – yellow eyelids are “pus” (inflammation)

Dry eyes – easy to cause eye problems

Too much tears – easy to shed tears when liver function is weakened


1, around the mouth

Fracture of the mouth – a pseudo-appetite caused by inflammation of the stomach

Excessive acne around the corner of the mouth – weak gastrointestinal function

Dry lips – rising body temperature causes dry lips

Lip color is too white – warning of insufficient blood

Lip color is too red – excessive heat is accumulated in the body

  1. Symptoms and secretions in the mouth

Stomatitis – evidence of reduced immunity

Bad breath – there are five causes (gastritis, indigestion, rhinitis, gum disease, tartar). This article is edited by the public women wellness class.

Feeling dry mouth and sticky mouth – insufficient body water

When I got up in the morning, I found a pillow on the pillow.the intestines and stomach is weak!


1, the shape of the tongue

There are jagged marks on the edges of the tongue – edema caused by excessive water

Tongue cracking – insufficient water

2, the action of the tongue

Tongue skew – signal of cerebrovascular disease

Tongue tremor – indicating weakness

3, the color of the tongue

Red tongue – body temperature rise

The tongue is pale – the system is weak

Tongue hair purple – blood is too thick signal

Varicose veins on the back of the tongue – dangerous signals of blood flow

4, the size of the tongue

Big and thick tongue – too much water in the body

Small and thin tongue – insufficient water in the body

5, the thickness of the tongue

Thick tongue coating, almost no visible on the surface of the tongue – gastrointestinal disorders or major diseases

The tongue is so thin that it is almost invisible – weak or allergic

6, the color of the tongue

Whitening of the tongue – body temperature is too low, body function is reduced

The tongue is yellowed – indicating that the body is “hot”

The tongue is blackened – indicating extreme physical loss


1, the state of the nose

The size of the nose – the strength of the respiratory function

Nose flapping – breathing is not smooth

2, the skin state of the nose

There is a pimple in the nose – there may be a problem with the respiratory tract.

The nose is very red – the signal of excessive drinking

3, the secretion of the nose

From the nose, you can see the temperature of the body – according to the type of nasal water to treat colds

Nasal congestion – if left unchecked, will lead to systemic hypoxia

Easy nosebleed – mostly due to gastrointestinal weakness


1, face

Cheeks red fever – abnormal body temperature regulation

Pale cheeks – insufficient oxygen supply in the body

2, skin condition

Wrinkles in the humerus – UV is the main cause

Pox on the cheek – pay attention to excessive diet or constipation

Large cheek pores – reduced sebum is the main cause of large pores


1, the state of the teeth

Easy tooth decay – a precursor to osteoporosis

The teeth are gray – the teeth are forming inside the teeth

2, the state of the gums

Gingival swelling – gastritis or fatigue

Gum is prone to bleeding – inflammation of the gums or weakness of the stomach


1, hair quality

Hair thinning – there is anemia or aging

Juvenile baldness – excessive intake of fat can cause hair depletion (reproductive organ decline) This article is edited by the public.

Too much hair loss – a harbinger of disease can be seen from the hair loss

Juvenile white – the relationship between calcium and hair

Hair curls – hair becomes thinner

Bifurcation, excessive breakage – physiological period can cause hair anemia

2, the state of the scalp

Too much dandruff – two types of “dry” (iron, protein) and “oily” (improving lipid metabolism, supplementing Vit-B)

The scalp is soft and inelastic – it is a symptom of edema


1, the shape of the nail

There are longitudinal cracks in the nails – “wrinkles” formed by aging

There are lateral cracks on the nail – a record of “past” (physical discomfort)

Nail is easy to break – anemia or poor liver function

Spoon-shaped nails – the body’s distress signal (severe anemia, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, preferably for detailed examination)

Nail-shaped nails (feeling of compression deformation) – prone to people with heart disease

The white half moon shape of the nail root disappears – physical decline

Mica nails – nails are dry

2, the color of the nail

The nails are reddish – the blood is too thick (note the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular)

The nails are purple-black – the blood is turbid or the heart is not functional

Nail is white – anemia

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