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What are the benefits of astaxanthin for women’s beauty and health?

Astaxanthin – maintains ovarian vitality and ensures youthful vitality

We all know that the amount of estrogen secretion is an important factor in whether women can maintain youth and whether the body can guarantee health. But few people realize that estrogen is actually a strong antioxidant in itself. We say that many diseases in the human body are caused by long-term erosion of oxygen free radicals. This explains why women are lower in the prevalence of many diseases than men. Postmenopausal women are more likely than women with adequate estrogen secretion. The rate is high.

The ovary is the main body of female estrogen secretion. The degradation of ovarian function will inevitably lead to the reduction of estrogen. The decrease of estrogen means the reduction of free radical oxygen scavengers secreted by women. In this case, oxygen free radicals Accelerated oxidative damage to the ovaries. This has entered a cycle of vicious circle, the ovarian function is degraded and the estrogen is reduced. The reduction of estrogen accelerates the intensity of the oxygen free radical attack of female body organs including the ovary, the body function accelerates the degradation, and the estrogen secretion is more less. Therefore, after the age of 35, the speed of aging is increasing day by day.

Foreign studies have found that women’s reasonable supplementation of antioxidants in daily life can delay the progression of ovarian function, especially the delay of female menopause. Of course, foreign research is based on vitamin C, vitamin E, proanthocyanidins, tea polyphenols and other common antioxidant scavengers.

Whether astaxanthin can delay the function of ovarian function degradation, there is no specific experimental report in the medical community. Astaxanthin is currently known as the strongest antioxidant in nature, and its antioxidant capacity is unparalleled. Traditional antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E are dwarfed. We have reason to believe that astaxanthin can promote the degradation of ovarian function and promote the secretion of estrogen. We also believe that this speculation will be more theoretical and practical in the near future.

The skin is damaged by prolonged, repeated exposure to harmful sunlight, which in turn can cause premature aging, dryness, wrinkles, age spots and freckles. By preventing ultraviolet light, the skin can avoid these damages; and there is information that natural astaxanthin not only prevents UV damage, but also acts in the body to help repair the signs of aging of these appearances.

(1) Sun protection: Haematococcus pluvialis – natural L-astaxanthin can prevent ultraviolet rays. Due to its unique molecular structure, its absorption peak is about 470mm, which is similar to the UVA wavelength (380~420mm). Therefore, a small amount of Haematococcus pluvialis, natural L-astaxanthin, can absorb a large amount of UVA. It is like the most perfect and unique natural sunscreen on the earth. It is like a natural parasol to cover the whole body, avoiding or reducing the sunburn caused by ultraviolet rays, and effectively preventing the formation of skin-induced collagen degradation, wrinkles and dark spots induced by ultraviolet rays. In addition, it can quickly restore skin damaged by UV burns. Experts from the San Garrigano Dermatology Institute in Rome concluded by taking pictures. It is believed that Haematococcus pluvialis, a natural L-astaxanthin, is most effective against the damage of human epidermal fibroblasts by ultraviolet radiation.

(2) Freckle whitening: dull skin and melanin deposition are related to the oxidation of free radicals. When the skin melanin is damaged by free radical oxidation, it will cause the melanin to not diffuse normally, thus building up and accumulating. The skin is also affected by external factors such as ultraviolet rays, which may cause tarnishing or uneven skin tone. Haematococcus pluvialis – natural astaxanthin maintains smooth skin by scavenging free radicals and resisting UV radiation, effectively inhibiting the production of melanin by up to 40%, and significantly reducing the precipitation of melanin, repairing uneven skin tone and darkness Matte and dullness, etc., to maintain a healthy glow of the skin. Keeps you away from dull, colorless and spotted skin. Haematococcus pluvialis – natural L-astaxanthin will give you a more complex, radiant, flawless, and shiny complexion. The effect is far superior to other whitening ingredients such as arbutin, citric acid and vitamin C. So far, no substance has been found to have such a good effect of preventing melanin precipitation at the same concentration. Therefore, it is also known as the best raw material for whitening and freckle, and is used in high-grade first-line cosmetics. Usually when we make a mask, we can drop a drop of Haematococcus pluvialis in the mask – natural L-astaxanthin, which will achieve good results.

(3) Anti-aging, enhance elasticity: We know that the skin is composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat. The dermis contains collagen, elastin, and other fibers that form the backbone of the skin. It is also these elements that make the skin appear smooth and young, and these elements are also vulnerable to UVA, UVB and ozone or other oxidative factors. When the collagen in the dermis is oxidized and broken for various reasons as described above, the supporting effect on the epidermis disappears, so that the epidermis will collapse unevenly, so that wrinkles are generated and the skin becomes dull and slack. Dry, and wrinkles such as fine lines and crow’s feet. Haematococcus pluvialis, a natural L-astaxanthin, can effectively scavenge free radicals, protect skin cells from damage, and block free radicals from oxidative decomposition of skin collagen and skin elastic collagen fibers, thereby avoiding collagen. The rapid loss of collagen and elastic fibrils slowly return to normal levels, so that the cell is full and energetic, the skin is smooth and smooth, the elasticity is enhanced, and the sunken skin is restored.

(4) Deep nourishment: long-term lack of water and oxygen deficiency can lead to slow metabolism, excessive production of free radicals, resulting in lack of luster and no vitality of the skin, and the skin is rough and not smooth, and the T-zone skin is rough and horny. To be improved, the cells themselves must be functional, which is a prerequisite for skin cells to absorb nutrients. The premise that cells have normal function,it is not damaged by oxidative. Haematococcus pluvialis – natural L-astaxanthin can eliminate free radicals, protect cells from oxidative damage, ensure the normal function of cells, and smoothly absorb the nutrients they need from the body, thus maintaining healthy skin cells. Metabolism, making your skin healthy and smooth and shiny.

Nowadays, Haematococcus pluvialis, natural L-astaxanthin, is widely used in the field of beauty and skin care products. The world’s almost first-line cosmetics brands have added Haematococcus pluvialis, natural L-astaxanthin, as its super antioxidant. ingredient. It can not only improve rough skin, reduce fine lines and pigmentation, repair dull skin, but also inhibit melanin formation, improve skin oil secretion: prevent ultraviolet radiation; quickly repair sunburn, sunburn, chapped, peeling skin.


Astaxanthin is a natural and powerful antioxidant found by humans. Its ability to scavenge free radicals exceeds that of previous products. It is a thousand times that of vitamin E, eight hundred times that of coenzyme Q10 and seven hundred times that of natto. . . . . . .

Its powerful anti-oxidation, anti-aging, inhibition of chronic tumors, anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue and other five major roles have been recognized by the medical community, shocking the world’s five major roles, 10 chronic diseases have miraculous effects

1, rapid lipid-lowering blood pressure, reverse arteriosclerosis: eat astaxanthin for one month, blood is clear, blood vessels become soft, microcirculation is smooth, arteriosclerosis is reversed, blood lipids are reduced, blood pressure is stable, and you can gradually stop taking western medicine.

2, cerebrovascular disease: can penetrate the blood-brain barrier: the only recognition is likely to cross the blood-brain barrier, direct cerebrovascular lesions, clear blood, soften blood vessels, dissolve large and small blood clots, have cerebral thrombosis, stroke sequelae, dementia Excellent special effects.

3, fundus lesions: no longer need surgery: cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, can cross the retinal barrier, many people feedback for three days, one month eyes bright, see things clear, no recurrence after the recovery.

4, gout: one month of normal uric acid: reduce the production of sputum, prevent oxidative decomposition. The joints were not painful for one week, and the uric acid was normal for one month. In the future, it is not afraid to eat seafood and drink beer.

5, prevention and treatment of diabetes and complications: improve islet function, eliminate eye, gangrene, kidney damage and other complications. It is a rare international new achievement that can prevent diabetic kidney damage.

6, inhibition of chronic tumors: live for several decades: inhibition of chronic tumors before and after surgery, high doses of astaxanthin, can quickly improve immunity, improve patient quality of life, significantly improve survival and life expectancy.

7, gastrointestinal disease: the effect is too thorough: repair stomach and 12-intestinal ulcer, for a variety of stomach pain stomach acid bloating, pantothenic acid, snoring chest tightness, nausea and vomiting, dry mouth and mouth pain, constipation diarrhea are effective in 7 days, are healed in1-3 months.

8, eliminate wrinkles, increase skin elasticity: whitening to wrinkle and eliminate spots, skin color is rosy, skin becomes tender, is a thousand times the effect of the dimension E, is the current fashion star fashion essential.

9, anti-fatigue: let you stay away from the sub-health state: special effects on chronic fatigue. The man took it, and he was energetic and energetic. The woman took it, not tired, full of femininity. After taking it for more than one month, life has been greatly improved and the effect is obviously lasting.

10, anti-aging, decades younger is not a dream: excellent anti-aging products, deserved! Regardless of the middle-aged elderly, the physiological functions are greatly rejuvenated, and the organ state is restored to a young state.

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